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Welcome to "Disputes" - a boutique law firm based in Kyiv, Ukraine, established in 2015. We are a team of versatile lawyers specializing in litigation, business consulting, immigration, enforcement of court decisions, and criminal defense.

At "Disputes," we prioritize client communication, providing timely updates and delivering results. Our team is fluent in both English and Ukrainian, ensuring effective international representation.

Founded by passionate litigation lawyers, "Disputes" has evolved to meet the dynamic legal services market's demands. Dmytro Chuguienko has been our managing partner since inception, ensuring our commitment to excellence.

Join us on your legal journey, and let us deliver the results you deserve.

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Do we speak English?

Yes. All our lawyers and personnel speak English.

Trial and alternative dispute resolution

Our law firm is dedicated to providing top-notch legal services in trial and alternative dispute resolution. Whether you are facing a complex civil litigation case or seeking efficient and cost-effective ways to resolve disputes outside the courtroom, our team of experienced attorneys is here to assist you. We have a strong track record of successfully representing our clients in court and have also helped numerous clients reach favorable settlements through negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. Our goal is to protect your rights and achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Meet our team of English-Speaking Lawyers

Dmytro Chuguienko
Dmytro ChuguienkoManaging Partner, The Attorney

Dmytro has been working as a lawyer since 2009, gaining valuable experience in various sectors. He initially started his career in the State enforcement service, where he dealt with the enforcement of court orders. Subsequently, he worked with a lawyer association, a commercial bank, local government, and an agricultural enterprise.

Throughout his legal career, Dmytro has focused entirely on trial work and the enforcement of court decisions, making it the core area of his practice.

In 2016, Dmytro embarked on his independent practice, which eventually evolved into the establishment of the Disputes Law Firm in 2018.

Key practices: commercial law, civil law, business consulting, family disputes, administrative disputes

Roman Pavlenko
Roman PavlenkoThe Attorney

Roman is a highly skilled lawyer who boasts extensive courtroom and law firm experience. His primary focus lies in litigation and providing administrative services, including legalization, company registration, apostille, and various other related matters.

Key practices: commercial law, civil law, family disputes, administrative disputes



Trial or Litigation

Disputes resolution in court

As Litigation attorneys, our role involves representing Clients in the courts of Ukraine. We handle cases for both plaintiffs and defendants across various legal areas, including civil, family, administrative, and business lawsuits. Our responsibilities encompass overseeing the entire litigation process, from initial investigation, drafting pleadings, and conducting discovery, to navigating the pre-trial, trial, settlement, and appeal stages.


Divorce, custody, adoption, child support

We can help you proceed with divorce in Ukraine remotely without any presence or action. We solve all the diversity of family disputes: division of property of spouses and their debts; determining the place of residence of the child and the order of communication with a child; a collection of child support: deprivation of parental rights and renewal of parental rights; establishing parentage and disputing parentage and all others.


Alternative Disputes resolution with negotiations and mediation

We take pride in our diverse portfolio of challenging disputes that have been successfully resolved through skilled negotiation and mediation techniques across a wide range of legal and interpersonal domains.

international students

Transcripts of Records, Recognition of educational documents, Studying process assistance

We offer assistance to international students who have fled Ukraine as a result of the War, addressing their educational concerns such as obtaining academic transcripts, recognizing foreign qualifications and educational documents, managing expulsions, and facilitating the process of resuming their education in Ukraine.


We defend our Clients сharged with administrative or criminal offenses in Ukraine, Kyiv.

Whatever offense our Client faces, we are here to give you a helping hand and legal support. We understand how important it is to you, so we put all our efforts into achieving the best possible results.


Business Setup

Business setup in Ukraine

We know the law and business environment of Ukraine. If you decide to start a small or middle-sized business in Ukraine you can buy an existing company or start from scratch. We're happy to help you with any of that.

Legal assistance

Taxes, Contracts, NDAs, Legal advices

We can help you do your business safely and legally. A piece of good legal advice before signing a contract or making some important decision can save you a fortune! We know that, because we go to court just to fix someone's past [severe] mistakes

Business Immigration

Relocate your business to Ukraine

The Ukrainian government has adopted laws to stimulate IT and other businesses to relocate to Ukraine. Its variety of legal forms of entrepreneurship and tax systems will satisfy anybody who decides to make business in Ukraine

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Success Stories & Research

Every time we receive a transcript of records for international students, we jump for joy deep in our hearts especially when it comes to students from Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia.

The father has the right to submit a written application to the State Border Guard Service to prohibit the child from leaving Ukraine, and the latter, apparently, can impose such a prohibition.


In December 2022, a Canadian citizen obtained a work permit for 2 years based on the application and documents drafted and submitted by solicitors and attorneys of the Law Firm "Disputes".

In September 2022, an international student from Nigeria reached out to the "DISPUTES" Law Firm for assistance in obtaining an academic transcript from O.O. Bogomolets National Medical


On September 2022, attorney Dmytro Chuguienko successfully appealed the decision of the Immigration Service, which placed a ban on entering Ukraine for 3 years and a forced return of a Canadian


On August 24, 2022, attorneyDmytro Chuguienko obtained 2 academic certificates at Danylo Halytsky Lviv National


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