Just before the New Year 2024, our client from India received a temporary residence permit in Ukraine for 2 years through the Business-Work Permit-Temporary Residence Permit procedure.

Here's how it went. We'll say upfront – it wasn't easy, but the result is what matters.

In March 2024, the Kyiv Court of Appeal fully satisfied the claim, ordering the defendants to pay 78,500 UAH in damages, 3,000 UAH in appraisal costs, and 10,000 UAH in legal fees. This decision was a significant victory for our legal team and a confirmation of the plaintiff's rightful demands.

It's quite unexpected, isn't it, to see an article with this title written by a lawyer who has dedicated his entire career to litigation and enforcement of court decisions. What prompted me to write it is the practice of the last few years.

I'll share these cases with you, and you can draw your own conclusions.

A student from the National Medical University named after O. O. Bohomolets from the Federal Republic of Nigeria approached the Law Firm "Disputes" seeking assistance in obtaining an academic transcript and original documents of her studies.

Successful legal defense in Kyiv for a U.S. citizen, leading to the return of a confiscated iPhone 14, proving no administrative misconduct.

This article highlights the successful journeys of three such individuals—two Pakistani entrepreneurs and one Lebanese software engineer—who have embarked on their professional endeavors in Ukraine.

In April 2023 Disputes Law Firm was approached by a Danish client facing a unique and challenging situation. The client had mistakenly transferred €7,500 to a resident of Ukraine, who subsequently refused to return the funds. This error occurred because the Ukrainian recipient's banking details were already saved in the client's payment system from previous charitable donations to Ukrainian victims.

Every time we receive a transcript of records for international students, we jump for joy deep in our hearts especially when it comes to students from Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia.

In December 2022, a Canadian citizen obtained a work permit for 2 years based on the application and documents drafted and submitted by solicitors and attorneys of the Law Firm "Disputes".