Court ordered removal of false information from a web-site

On November 22, 2022, DISPUTES lawyers secured a legal victory in safeguarding the honor and dignity of our client by obtaining a court order that prohibits the spread of information infringing upon personal non-property rights.

Our client approached us with serious concerns about the spread of false information about him on a well-known internet platform. An article that had been viewed nearly 8,000 times contained deliberately distorted and misrepresented details, significantly harming our client. The controversy stemmed from an interview our client had previously granted to another website. This interview was copied verbatim and formed the basis of the problematic article. Although the original interview simply shared our client's views on the LGBT community—a community to which he does not belong—the article misleadingly and falsely stated that our client identifies as homosexual.

Unfortunately, the level of tolerance and acceptance toward the LGBT community in Ukraine, as well as in other countries, has not reached a point that can be described as truly civilized. As a result, our client was subjected to severe insults and harassment due to this misrepresentation. Furthermore, some acquaintances have even ceased communication with him.

To defend our client's honor and dignity, our lawyers initiated legal proceedings at the Sviatoshynskyi District Court in Kyiv City. The court concurred with our arguments and issued a ruling to:

  • Declare the information on the internet resource as false and defamatory to our client's honor and dignity.
  • Require the internet resource to remove the misleading information.
  • Award compensation for court fees from the defendant.

In conclusion, through coordinated and decisive legal action, we successfully assisted our client in influencing the internet resource to eliminate the inaccurate information.