An academic transcript has been obtained for a citizen of Nigeria at O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University

In September 2022, an international student from Nigeria reached out to the "DISPUTES" Law Firm for assistance in obtaining an academic transcript from O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University. Due to the ongoing war, she, like many other international students, faced challenges in continuing her studies in Ukraine. To complete her education and obtain her diploma, the Client opted to pursue studies at a university in the United States.

However, several factors complicated the process of obtaining the transcript:

  1. Postal communication between the countries had become difficult due to the war, resulting in longer delivery times for documents to Ukraine.
  2. The client was temporarily residing in Ireland.
  3. The transcript of records needed to be obtained within a very short period of time.

Taking the situation into consideration, the "DISPUTES" Law Firm promptly initiated their efforts. The first step involved drafting a power of attorney for the student's representation and sending its original copy to Ukraine.

*We care about our clients, so we provide them with the ready-made power of attorney text and assist in resolving issues related to legalization, apostille, certification, and document delivery from anywhere in the world to Ukraine.

Upon receiving the original documents, we proceeded with the student's expulsion procedure (which was a prerequisite for obtaining the desired reference). It is worth noting that some interactions with university staff members were not very friendly. Nevertheless, well-prepared documents and a willingness to undergo the complete expulsion procedure expedited the preparation of the expulsion order and subsequent issuance of the academic transcript.

We also resolved matters concerning tuition fees, accommodation in the dormitory, and library fees. However, during the procedure, it was discovered that some documents in the student's personal file lacked notarized translations. This could have prolonged the process, as it required scheduling an appointment to visit the archive where the document folders were stored. To ensure the appointment was secured, we promptly sent the documents to our translators and notary. Thanks to their assistance, the procedure with the missing documents was completed within half a day.

After obtaining the necessary documents, we updated the student's file in the archive, and a note was made on the cover sheet stating "Archive."

The subsequent steps involved the university's preparation of the transcript of records based on the order of expulsion from the university. Our representative successfully managed to ensure that the reference stated the student's voluntary expulsion and not due to any outstanding debts. It took approximately one and a half to two weeks to obtain the reference.

As previously mentioned, the student desired to enroll at a university in the United States. This required document preparation by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, as well as the submission of a document package to WES USA.

*It is worth noting that the "DISPUTES" Law Firm is located in Kyiv, which enables us to address matters promptly through personal visits to the center for tasks such as apostille certification, recognition of educational documents, and more.

In summary, the "DISPUTES" Law Firm provided assistance to the Nigerian student throughout the expulsion process from the university, eliminating the need for her physical presence. The student has received the necessary documents and has been studying at an American university for a month now.