Transcript of Records for a student from Ghana

Transcript of Records for a student from Ghana

On August 12, 2022, Darina Kovalenko, the paralegal, received an academic transcript from the National Technical University of Ukraine "Ihor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" and sent it to a student from Ghana. This document enables him to resume his studies internationally.

February 24th marked a drastic change for all international students in Ukraine due to the full-scale armed aggression by Russia. The students were compelled to abandon their studies and seek asylum abroad, halting all educational processes. Nonetheless, the imperative to continue education persists, as students aim to graduate and obtain higher education.

The War has necessitated finding new educational opportunities abroad, allowing students to continue their studies without starting over. Essential to this process is a transcript of records from their Ukrainian university. However, obtaining these records typically requires personal presence for tasks such as submitting an application, undergoing the expulsion procedure, and settling any outstanding university debts.

For students unable to return to Ukraine, representation via power of attorney proves invaluable. During this time, many universities globally are conducting admission campaigns, including the student from Ghana, who reached out to the Disputes Law Firm for assistance in obtaining his transcript.

We provided comprehensive legal support, drafting a power of attorney suitable for the university, finalizing the contract, and thoroughly explaining the necessary procedures. After the power of attorney was signed by the student, certified by a German public notary, and apostilled by the Bochum Regional Court, it was forwarded to our office.

Our paralegal, Darina Kovalenko, efficiently handled all formalities with the university, obtaining the transcript swiftly. The administration of Igor Sikorsky KPI cooperated seamlessly, appreciably without unnecessary formalities. Our team and the client are deeply grateful for such effective collaboration.

Merely two weeks after the student's request, the transcript was already en route to his residence in Germany.