Work permit and residency permit for 2 years for a Client from India

Just before the New Year 2024, our client from India received a temporary residence permit in Ukraine for 2 years through the Business-Work Permit-Temporary Residence Permit procedure.

Here's how it went. We'll say upfront – it wasn't easy, but the result is what matters.

1. Company Formation

The client intended to conduct business in Ukraine because, despite the difficult wartime conditions, Ukraine still operates economically and offers very attractive tax and business conditions for entrepreneurial activity.

The client chose a name, the form of activity, and the tax regime – a simplified taxation system. The client became the founder of the Limited Liability Company, and a Ukrainian citizen was appointed as the director.

The lawyers from our law firm prepared the necessary documents, arranged a meeting with a notary, and received the certified documents within one business day.

The next day, the director, a Ukrainian citizen, registered the company with the state registrar. We now use notary services for company registration, making this service even more convenient for clients.

2. Obtaining a Work Permit

To obtain a permit for employing a foreign citizen, it is necessary to prepare an application, a draft contract with the foreigner, a photo, and a notarized translation of the passport.

We submitted these documents to the Kyiv City Employment Center. Within one business week, we received an email from the Employment Center stating that a decision had been made to issue the permit for 2 years.

3. Exiting and Re-entering Ukraine with a New D-04 Visa

The client was already in Ukraine, so to obtain a temporary residence permit, it was necessary to leave and re-enter Ukraine with a new type D visa.

D-04 visas are issued for 90 days, and their sole purpose is to enter Ukraine and apply for a temporary residence permit. Afterward, this visa is no longer needed, and entry and exit from Ukraine are carried out based on the temporary residence permit.

Before leaving, the client, along with the managing director, visited the Migration Service and submitted an application to return the old permit. This permit was canceled due to violations of labor legislation by the previous employer.

With our help, the client obtained a transit visa to the Republic of Moldova and applied for a Ukrainian D visa at the Ukrainian Embassy in Moldova, receiving it within a few days. Based on this visa, the client re-entered Ukraine within a week.

4. Obtaining the Temporary Residence Permit and Interview at the Migration Service

After arrival, the client, along with our lawyer, visited the passport service of the State Enterprise "Document" where, in comfortable conditions, all the necessary documents were submitted – the work permit for foreign citizens, a guarantee letter from the employer, life and health insurance for the entire period of the permit, and a translated passport.

Were there any unforeseen difficulties or problems?

We had an issue with the life and health insurance because we ordered it online, and the Migration Service required us to provide a paper copy of the contract with the insurer's signatures and seal.

We decided to get a new insurance policy, and the client received a refund for the old insurance within a few days.


Obtaining a work permit for foreign citizens by creating your own company in Ukraine is an effective way to acquire the right to temporary residence in Ukraine for 2 years with the right to renew it an unlimited number of times.

Living in Ukraine for 5 years on legal grounds gives the right to obtain a permanent residence permit.