Academic Transcript for a Student of Bogomolets National Medical University from Nigeria

A student from the National Medical University named after O. O. Bohomolets from the Federal Republic of Nigeria approached the Law Firm "Disputes" seeking assistance in obtaining an academic transcript and original documents of her studies.

First Step: Power of Attorney Preparation

The task was assigned to junior partner Roman Kudlai, an expert in working with international students. The first step was preparing the draft of the power of attorney and consulting the client on its notarization and sending it to Ukraine. This was necessary to represent the student's interests before the university.

Meeting with University Administration

During the first visit to the university, it became clear that the process of obtaining documents would be complex and lengthy. It was nearly impossible to find the responsible persons in charge of issuing original documents at their workplaces.

Clearing Tuition Debt

The faculty dean informed that the student had outstanding tuition fees. This necessitated visiting the accounting department to obtain a certificate with payment details. After receiving the certificate, the client paid the debt, allowing the process of obtaining the documents to continue.

Document Retrieval Procedure

Higher education institutions cannot simply issue documents to students. A special procedure must be followed, including filling out documents, applications, and reporting to the library, accounting department, dean's office, and dormitory.

The university issues a clearance sheet, which requires visiting about ten offices, as well as the dormitory and accounting department. This process took several days due to the difficulty in finding university staff at their workplaces.

Obtaining the Academic Transcript

After signing the clearance sheet, an application for the academic transcript was submitted. After completing all bureaucratic procedures, Roman Kudlai obtained all necessary original documents, including the academic transcript, and sent them by courier to Poland.

Completion of the Process

The student received the academic transcript and original documents from the Law Firm "Disputes". She is likely now submitting the received documents for admission to another educational institution.